5 Facts About Heroin

As drug abuse and addiction continues to rise, so do the drugs that cause such adverse reactions. Heroin is now one of those drugs that people can easily find on the streets. It’s a powerful, highly addictive stimulant with many dangers to the user and those around them. Want more facts about heroin? Read below to learn five important facts about heroin.

1- Fast Acting Stimulant

There are many stimulant drugs out there being abused, but heroin is the fastest-acting of them all, making it one of the drugs of choice for many people. Several types of heroin is out there, including black tar heroin, which is considerably stronger and more dangerous.

2- Rehabilitation May be Necessary

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Many people who find themselves addicted to this drug cannot break the habit alone. They need drug abuse treatment jamaica plain. Inpatient and outpatient help is available for those ready to change their lives.  This service ensures the user gets the right help to end their addiction.

3- Heroin is a Dangerous Drug

You probably already know that heroin is a dangerous drug. But, do you know just how dangerous it is?  Users experience what is called ‘on the nod’ where they rotate in and out of a sedative state. It can be mild or harsh, sometimes almost impossible to wake up the user. This increases risks of heart cardiovascular issues and other problems for the user.

4- Ruins Lives

Heroin users often times develop severe addictions to the drug that outweigh anything else in life. It causes trouble working, relationships with family and friends, and many other problems.

5- Many Ways to Use Heroin

Heroin can be used many different ways. Some heroin users inject the drug intravenously while others snort or smoke the drug. Each method affects the user differently and may cause various reactions as result.